The recipe called for a good quality clear rum and when i went to the store wanting to make the best tiramisu i possibly could i purchased the best bottle of clear rum i found turned out it was a super super high proof rum ndash and that tiramisu was so overpoweringly alcoholic even i couldn rsquo t eat.

Bright orange notes add a refreshing tang to these decadent chocolate truffles these would also be delicious made with tangerines note that these candies like most truffles have several extensive chilling periods so make sure you leave enough time when making them.

The story of this molten chocolate cake begins with 80s nostalgia as legend has it in 1981 three star french chef michel bras was inspired to create a cake that invoked the feelings of a warm cup of hot chocolate the resulting recipe placed a ball of ganache in the center of chocolate cake when the cake bakes the ganache becomes a liquid center.

Hey everyone it is brad welcome to my recipe site today i will show you a way to prepare a distinctive dish muffins vanille et pepites de chocolat it is one of my favorites food recipes this time i rsquo m gonna make it a little bit tasty this will be really delicious lettuce wraps.

No bake tiramisu truffles a delicious tiramisu filling with a milk or dark chocolate coating the perfect no bake holiday treat tiramisu truffles no bake tiramisu truffles our new christmas no bake candy recipe creamy and so fast and easy to make so as we head into christmas count down and i am pretty wellcontinue reading.

But when i do i often make a chocolate martini or this easy baileys chocolate mousse if you are not a fan of alcohol and baileys you might want to just make a regular chocolate mousse baileys is what makes this dessert unique love the flavor it adds this easy baileys chocolate mousse is set with gelatin.

This russian girl rsquo s very first recipe was a classic italian tiramisu recipe like so many of my recipes this one starts off with my mom my mom taught me how to make tiramisu her sister taught her and her sister learned from a client who was a real italian grandmother and she said that the key to make a tiramisu authentic is the raw eggs.

Home raquo recipes raquo orange yogurt cake recipe ndash chef dennis orange yogurt cake recipe ndash chef dennis published jul 16 2020.

Pro tips for this recipe if you rsquo re not into adding alcohol to your tiramisu then mix the coffee with some simple syrup and vanilla to the soak the cake with if you hate the taste of coffee but are still tempted to try this then sub in some hot chocolate and mix with the brandy using fresh mascarpone cheese is best for this tiramisu recipe.

Italian tiramisu is a classic dessert recipe that is loved by many especially during the holidays our recipe takes the flavors of tiramisu and transforms them into a rich and creamy cheesecake that is simple to make plan to make this cheesecake 1 2 days in advance as it needs a minimum of 6 hours to set properly before serving.

All you need is 7 simple ingredients cocoa powder and chocolate for decoration included and it rsquo s quick we actually timed ourselves and yes you can really whip this up in ten minutes this recipe gives you everything you are looking for in a good vegan tiramisu a lot of vegan recipes for tiramisu seem to be a bit over complicated.

Congratulations to linda semler winner of the book of her choice by nancy herriman congratulations to autumn trapani winner of decembers around the kitchen table giveaway of books by lucy burdette maya corrigan tina kashian and margaret loudon congratulations to linda ortiz winner of maddie days two christmas books congratulations hellip.

Orange zest ndash a little fresh orange zest makes such a difference don rsquo t worry it doesn rsquo t overpower the other flavors if you really don rsquo t like orange you could omit it but i do highly recommend trying it baking powder ndash to help the cookies rise baking soda ndash to help the cookies rise salt ndash adjust if you rsquo re using salted butter.

The base of this recipe is modified from the strawberry scones that i guest posted for better homes and gardens the idea for the orange flavoring and glaze is based on ina garten rsquo s cranberry orange scones ingredients for cranberry orange scones 2 1 2 cups all purpose flour measured correctly 2 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp baking powder 1 4 tsp salt.